Who Is Responsible For Your Health Now?

Who Is Responsible For Your Health Now?When I was diagnosed with Type2 diabetes there was first the shock and a good range of emotions for me from disappointment to frustration and anger with myself.

It was not one of my best days. But it is one of the next things that I did that I want to write about here.

That is about who is responsible for your health from now on and what difference does that make to possible outcomes. You can’t change how you got to where you are but you have a chance at changing the direction after that point is where I got to reasonably quickly.

Who Is In Control Now

This decision is really about who is going to take charge of your health from now on. To me there seemed to be a choice of handing it over to the medical professionals and follow their advice blindly or to do my own research so I can make the decisions on what is the right treatment and not be in the dark.

Also, I really should have taken more interest and action before the crisis but I let life, habits, thoughts and feelings get in the way. It took a crisis to make a change in my thinking and actions. (Also the information provided by those who should know better isn’t really up to scratch.)

I think with type 2 diabetes with it being a metabolic disease (although there is a genetic element to it) there is a good opportunity to take it on and control it.

Having the internet has certainly helped in giving you more options and information on what works and what doesn’t. There is like anything a mixture of good stuff and wrong stuff out there.

For me the right way to approach Type 2 diabetes control is to take responsibility for the treatment. This involves doing your own research and making your own decisions not just relying on the medical profession to do this all for you. It is an opportunity to be healthier than you’ve been for years.

Without questioning and researching you can’t do this. It needs to be a conscious decision I feel. There are a lot of terrible consequences of out of control diabetes that can affect every part of your body from the toes to your brain suffering from it. It happens overtime and the effects can be painful and what struck me the most was having your toes and feet chopped off.

And The Alternative Is

The alternative is to turn the decision making over to the people that should know the most about the disease and follow them completely or to ignore it all together and just take the pills to offset a lifestyle that leads to some terrible medical complications.

The medical profession is full of many people who can do great work but they do seem to be stuck in a paradigm of one diet is right for everyone (diabetic or not) and that is a diet that has a high percentage of carbohydrates the one macro-nutrient that people with diabetes have their issue with.

This is the problem they have as they need to follow the guidelines that don’t make sense even if they say they are evidence based from what I’ve researched. They also have the expectation that it is a progressive disease based on the results that have been recorded following their treatments.

It isn’t their body and they don’t have as much invested in the outcome as the person with diabetes.

If you choose to take control on your health and life they will like that as many don’t and continue following a path of progressive illness almost seeming to race to the end.

But they won’t like it if you decide to take an action that is not the prescribed method. They will tell you there are dangers although they don’t actually have any real evidence (as far as I can determine) and so on.

I realised I had the most to gain or lose so that is why it is important to take responsibility for one’s health and treatment.

This is what taking responsibility is about and making your own decisions based on facts and good information (including regular testing! – they don’t like that).

You only need to watch the programs on the problems that diabetes is causing individuals whose diabetes has progressed to know just how bad it can be. There are 135 amputations a week due to diabetes in the UK. I’d argue that one of the reasons for this is that people aren’t taking responsibility for the treatment combined with listening too much to people who are just following the guidelines and expecting a pill to solve their problems.

I’m Staying Put

I’ve done this now a couple of times with some success with my diabetes control and my experience with my gout to date (with mixed results).

For now I think I’m on the right track and with the Type 2 diabetes there are many others out there doing the same and taking charge of their treatment whether that is low carbing like I do or following the medical industry treatment or something else (if it works).

(But I’m not sure how successful you’ll be if you follow the direction of the medical profession from what I’ve seen and read about.)

The aim is to have blood sugar levels that are normal for a non-diabetic not the ones that are for diabetics. These are higher and is probably why people that blindly follow advice are expected to get progressively worse.

Although they may be well meaning the medical profession doesn’t have the incentive you do to keep you well. And even if you rely on their advice there is only you that can follow through on it.

As it is my health and life I wanted to be sure I knew about it and could lead the best life forward, so I went online and researched it. And took the lead on treatment. You might make a different decision based on the facts and information (but I think you’d be wrong:)) I think it needs to be a conscious decision and not blindly following the advice of people following the direction of large corporate organizations.

What approach have you taken for managing and controlling your type 2 diabetes?

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