Welcome to Live Run Repeat.

It’s a website that talks about living and running on low carb diets.

The living is about how I use the diet for managing my Type 2 diabetes for normal blood sugars..

The running is for health and fun too and what happens when you try it out on a low carb diets – ketogenic and paleo.

And to make it more challenging it’s about trying to do this when you’re over 50 after sitting around too much for 20 years or so.

I’m busy finding out what works and what doesn’t. I’ve been controlling the Type 2 diabetes for a few years using low carbs and started back running just over 3 years. And now is the time to see how you can run a marathon on low carbs and with type 2 diabetes while blood sugars are kept in the normal range,

The reason for the website is to put down what I’ve learned and yet to learn – with mistakes and all.

So you don’t have to make them.

It’s not about perfection but it’s about living and running and having fun each day.